RBI Grade B 2020 Comprehensive Course

Economy Static Concepts (RBI Grade B)

Economic Growth, Economic Development, Happiness, Sustainable Development and Effect of climate change on economy (Environmental Issues)

Sectors of Economy, Types of Economies, Organising an economy, Idea of National Income (GDP, NDP, GNP & NNP)

Unemployment and its type, Poverty and its type

Inflation, Types of Inflation, other variants of Inflation, effect of Inflation, Inflation indices (WPI & CPI)

Economy during the British Rule, Economy after Independence, Economic situation after Nehru (1965 onwards till 1991), and Economic Reforms of 1991 (Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation), First Generation Reform (1991-2000), Second Generation Reform (2000-01 onwards), Third & Fourth Generation Reform

Monetary Policy, Reserve Bank of India and its function & Balance of Payment

Budget Procedure, Government of India Accounts, Fiscal Policy, Export & Import Policy, Free Trade Agreements

Bretton Woods Conference, World Bank, IMF, WTO, Asian Development Bank, Asian Investment and Infrastructure Bank, New Development Bank or BRICS Bank


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