RBI Grade B 2020 Comprehensive Course

RBI Grade B 2020 Comprehensive Course

RBI Grade B 2020 Comprehensive Course

This is the comprehensive course for RBI Grade B 2020 examination.

This course contains Economic, Social Issues, Finance and Management concepts (static knowledge) and the various issues related to National & International Economic, Social issues & Finance (current affairs).

It has a static general awareness section and current affairs (Sports, Important dates, personalities, etc.) for the Phase 1 examination.

This course will help in all level of RBI Grade B examination. (Phase 1, Phase 2 & interview)



    1. Happiness, Sustainable Development & Effect of climate change on economy

    2. Sectors of Economy & Types of Economies

    3. Organizing an economy & Idea of National Income (GDP, NDP, GNP & NNP)

    4. Unemployment and its type

    5. Poverty and its type

    6. Inflation, types of inflation, other variants of inflation & effect of inflation

    7. History of Indian Economy

    8. Monetary Policy

    9. Reserve Bank of India and its functions

    10. Bretton Woods Conference, World Bank, IMF & WTO

    11. Economic Growth & Economic Development

    1. Economy News January'20

    2. Economy News February'20

    3. Summary of Union Budget 2020-21

    4. Summary of Economic Survey 2019-20

    1. Social Structure

    2. Multiculturalism & Globalisation

    3. Demographic Trends, Urbanization & Migration

    4. Issues related to Women & Welfare schemes for women in India

    5. Women Empowerment and Recent Women Reform movement

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